CODE, Inc. manages high quality, affordable apartments throughout Jamestown. You can use this mini-application to apply online. If you are selected, we will contact you by phone or email so make sure your contact information is correct. You can call us at 664-2044 to update your information. Applicants we select will be required to fill out a full application to determine eligibility.

We have a strict policy against illegal drugs including marijuana. If we find illegal drug use in your apartment, we will report you to the police and evict you.

We also have a strict policy regarding criminal backgrounds. A criminal conviction does not automatically prevent us from renting to you but you must disclose all criminal convictions for everyone in your household so we can determine your eligibility. Do not lie about your criminal background because we do a criminal background check and we will find out anyway, but lying about your background is an automatic “no” to leasing from us.¬†Traffic tickets and other violations are not a problem.

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